Νέα και άρθρα
Τα οκτώ μυρμηγκάκια

Erik Daffy

I cannot thank Mrs Pantopoulou and her team enough following our collaboration for my first children’s book. We are not on target for the second book in the series and it has been an amazing journey so far. The support provided to me from the first call to the last few details leading to the printing of the book copies has been invaluable. Although I published books in my scientific field before I was a novice in the children’s book genre. The editing, structure and layout and even the discussion around the book’s plot were excellent. I felt supported during the entire process. At all times it was evident that the entire team cared about the quality of the book, building up my confidence. The illustrator was the best, as he immediately aligned his amazing drawings to my requests. I enjoyed working with Aristides Karavias and I hope we will collaborate together across the entire series. Once again I am so thankful to the Ocelotos team and I cannot recommend them enough for any authors who wish to try hybrid or self-publishing.

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