Aegean Therapy


Συγγραφέας: Giorgos D. Kallivrousis
Διάσταση: 16x23
Σελίδες: 256
ISBN: 978-618-205-285-3
Έκδοση: 2022

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Treatment of Arthritic Conditions without the use of drugs and surgical procedures based on the thermal springs and the way of life of Ikaria

You will learn about:
the longevity of the Ikarians,
the way of life in Ikaria,
“The Spirit of Ikaria,”
thermal baths,
ionizing radiation,
treatment of arthritis,
inflammation and pain,
body weight,
Ikarian diet,
movement, and walking,
orthodox fasting,
recipes both fasting and non-fasting,
targeted exercise,
therapeutic entertainment,
the pandemic in Ikaria,
the current situation of the spas in Therma,
“the production of nothing”,
and “ I walk and philosophize” (ζάλω και φιλοσοφώ).
These are the same values that have so far prevented
the pandemic from devastating the island.

The author (a doctor himself) describes how he dealt with his own case of arthritis, without medication, in the thermal baths of Ikaria, in combination with the lifestyle of the Ikarians, who are among the longest living and healthiest inhabitants of the planet. Based on his own experience and international literature, he describes a proposal for the satisfactory treatment of arthritis, with all those elements that compose the longevity and well-being of the inhabitants of the so-called “Blue Zones,” which include Ikaria.

Giorgos D. Kallivrousis is a retired doctor. He was born in 1942 and grew up in Andros.
After completing his medical studies in Austria and Switzerland, he was active professionally, exclusively in Switzerland. Initially, he worked in clinical research for a well-known pharmaceutical company in Basel, and later as a general practitioner with a private practice and as school doctor.
When health problems forced him to leave his medical practice, he expanded his studies with a master’s degree in statistics, specialized in epidemiology, and founded the “Basel Institute of Biometrics and Medical Statistics.” He taught seminars on methodological research and clinical evaluation, for the pharmaceutical industry.
After his retirement, he engaged in the comparative study of modern or “evidence-based” medicine along with complementary medicine, and continues to work, occasionally, as a medical advisor. He is also involved as an amateur in viticulture-winemaking and botany. He is a member of the Basel Medical Society, the Swiss Medical Association, the Basel Reading Society, and the European Biometrics Society.

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