The Lions’ Sword


Συγγραφέας: Dionysis Mazitsos
Διάσταση: 14x21
Σελίδες: 76
ISBN: 978-960-564-510-6
Έκδοση: 2017
Εικονογράφηση: Dionysis Karavias


A sword is the symbol of power in the country called Myrolousia: the lions’ sword. Because of the sword the neighbouring kingdoms remained united and, with the sword, King Nikolaos Chrysodimos led them into a victorious battle against the enemy lying in wait for them. Yet it was the same sword that caused the king’s death in the hands of the assassin named Scorpion. Scorpion went to the Old Willow Forest to be paid for his services. What dangers awaited him in that forest? What adventures would he get embroiled in? Who was the ‘two-headed thief’? Who was the man hiding behind the name of ‘Crimson Dragon’, the unidentified foe of Dimitris Chrysodimos? Is this Scorpion’s story, after all, or is it simply the story of the renowned lions’ sword?

The answers to the above questions lie hidden deep in the pages of this book – a book with many twists and turns and an unexpected ending…

May 29, 1978: Dionysis Mazitsos, also known by the artistic pseudonym of Dimitris Stadas or el tonto, was born in Athens.
1991: after beginning to write from a very early age, received an award from ‘TA NEA’ newspaper for his participation in the writing team of the children’s newspaper ‘Mary Poppins’.
1994: matriculated from the Experimental Junior High School and was given a prize for his paintings in a school competition. Meanwhile, he also took part in an amateur theatre production of ‘Blood Wedding’ by Federico Garcia Lorca, which inspired him to write his first theatre play, ‘The ghost’.
1996: matriculated from the Technical Lyceum in Philadelphia, Athens.
1998: compulsory National Military Service.
2001: drew a series of cartoon illustrations about the 9/11 attacks and the subsequent war and worked as a cartoonist for the magazine ‘ENNEADA’ later in the same year.
2000-2001 and 2003: attended theatre seminars at the ‘IASMOS’ school of drama.
2003: after rewriting ‘The ghost’ and including some new scenes, received an award with Distinction at the 22nd Panhellenic Literary Competition by the Panhellenic Union of Writers and used the pseudonym ‘Dimitris Stadas’ for the first time.
2006: graduated from the College of Private Education in Metamorphosis, Athens.
2012: became a member of the Greek Association of Visual Arts ‘APELLIS’, and has since participated in many joint art exhibitions hosted by the ‘LEFA’ art Gallery, the ‘Floisbos’ hall in the Palaio Faliro Cultural Centre, The French Hellenic Union art gallery, the Athens YMCA hall and the ‘Sofia Laskaridou’ municipal art gallery in Kallithea, Athens.

He has published five books:
‘Appetizers’; ‘Theatrical Anecdotes and more . . .’; a collection of poems: ‘Tone poems by a moonstruck man’; a book of theatre plays and short film screenplays: ‘Theatrical shots’ and ‘Conjurors’ Anecdotes’.
His fairy tales were also included in the three collective publications: ‘The Ocelot’s Fairy Tales, Volumes 1, 2 and 3.’
2001- : worked as a temporary employee and then, from 2011, as a permanent employee of the Greek Ministry of Culture. During this period and up to the present, he has never stopped writing or painting.

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