Welded pipework Estimation Manual in man-hours per ton units©


Συγγραφέας: Emmanouil Moulos
Σελίδες: 218
ISBN: 978-618-205-251-8
Έκδοση: 2022

Κωδικός προϊόντος: 978-618-205-251-8 Κατηγορία: Ετικέτες: ,


The book covers a gap in the piping estimation word.
Its open-source culture and structure aim to help the readers towards the tailor-made estimations that fit any project specs and, as such, are kept away from the “take it as it is” recipes of the other authors.
To facilitate the readers’ workload and to be able to produce an optimum estimate, the book method:
1. Allows the man-hour norms modification throughout four essential parameters in one-by-one mode or any other combination that fits the project specifications.

2. It presents 38 pipe sizes in total, from DN ¼” to DN 60″, having 4,390 different thicknesses ranging from 1,24 to 120,00 mm of standard and non-standard sections, adding unique flexibility to the estimation work.

3. It prescribes the required quantities of the noteworthy consumables for any pipe size and thickness.


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Emmanouil Moulos is a Senior Mechanical Engineer holding a Diploma in Energy production. He has gotten his BSc from the Technical Educational Institute of Athens and the MSc from the National Technical University of Athens. Early in his career, since 1987, he had been mainly involved with EPC projects construction in Oil & Gas, working with well-established contracting firms in the construction industry around the globe, from the proposal to the field implementation phase of his successful project bids. In this long-term competitive environment, operating under the responsibility of building his project quotations, he developed early tools that could create reliable and safe bids away from the extremes of low or high prices that are often fatal to the bidding companies.

The projects that he had been put his hands on are:

A. By nature:

1) Greenfield 2) Brownfield

B. By Industry:

1) Onshore: Power Plants, LNG Plants, Refineries, Oil fields, Pipelines, Aircraft Hangars, Fabrication & Machinery Workshops, Steel Industry, Plastics Production Industry, Chemical Industry & Wastewater Treatment Plants.

2) Marine: Jetties, Ship Loading Units.

3) Offshore: Platforms, FPSOs, Modules, Topsides.

4) Subsea: PLEMs, PLETs & PLRs Preservation & Maintenance.

C. By type:

1) Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Inspection, Commissioning (EPCIC)

2) Lumpsum Turnkey (LSTK)

3) Maintenance Welding & Fabrication (MWF)

4) Maintenance, Inspection, Engineering, Construction (MIEC)

5) General Maintenance Services (GMS)

6) Reliability & Maintenance (R&M)

7) Routine Maintenance Services (RMS)

8) Turn Around / Shut Down (TA/SD)


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